Oddities from the URN Archive

While tidying out old paper work in the URN office in the last few days I came across a draw of papers dating back to 1979 when the station first started. Hidden between the countless instruction manuals and plans of central heating system(?) there are some real gems.

Letter dated 8th Jan 1980 from ‘University of Nottingham Union’ asking the station to ban smoking and drinking in the studio. The response reads as follows
“I do not feel it i necessary to ban smoking or drinking in the studio itself as there is very little equipment in this room that is at risk – nearly all of the valuable stuff i in the control room. In addition to this, we will be inviting guests into the studio on a regular basis, and it wold not seem very hospitable of us if the first thing we asked them to do was to put their cigarettes out!”

A letter sent from URN to university societies and clubs 1981
“Dear Person who’ likely to book discos etc… We will be available for hire for the meagre fee of £70 but what will this measly sum bring you? The biggest disco on campus, great lighting, lots of prizes, about 10 deejays at least, The best in adult entertainment
The kind of adult entertainment that URN may provide concerns and intrigues me in equal parts.

3) Various things that can best be described photographically (or that I can’t be bothered to type up)

Correspondance between URN and Ken of “Ken Wood and the Mixers”
Ken to urnUrn to ken
A mysterious advert from a magazine clipping:
A slight let-down in the prize department:
A stern warning from the engineering department:
As I find more oddities I’ll upload them.
Back to the filing cabinets then…


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